About Joining Our Club

Can I try before I buy?

Yes!  If you'd like to play a tournament, meet the gang and try out the club to see if it's right for you, you're welcome to play as a guest.  You pay only what the course charges the club for your tee time.  You can join that day or just think it over and let us know.  No pressure!

What does it cost to join?
Annual dues are ninety-five dollars.
(Wait till you see what you get for this!)

What's included with my membership fee?

The majority of your fee goes to the NCGA for your membership, and through that membership, you get your offical USGA Handcap.

 Your fee

also pays for the "Tournament Prizes" and "Special Events" listed on this site!

(See the tabs above)

Once I've made my decision, how do I join?

To try us out as a guest, please email us, and we'll give you the info.
To join please send:
  • a check for 95.00 made out to SMCOFFGC and
  • mail it to: 88 Coyote Place, San Ramon, CA  94582, and please include:
  • your name(as you want it to appear on your NCGA card)
  • your street address and
  • your email address